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Railroad tracks going off into the distance in between two lines of tank cars.

INETSHIPPER: YardMaster®Solution 

Since 2005, Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks have invested their combined resources to develop and deploy the YardMaster® Solution to nearly 300 rail shipping facilities in North America. This integrated solution seamlessly combines shipping operations software with AEI hardware components, providing industrial shippers with unprecedented control over field operations, a reduction in errors, and a notable boost in overall productivity.  

Why choose the Yardmaster®Solution?

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Trusted Technology

Our hardware accurately scans millions of AEI Tags throughout North America every year. 

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Increased Efficiency

We ensure the maximum amount of product is shipped in your rail cars while maintaining the highest degree of safety

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Proven Expertise

With decades of combined industry experience with our partner Bourque Logistics, we provide the highest level of service and support from our initial onboarding and throughout our continued partnership

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Customized Growth

We serve the largest shippers in North America requiring proven, scalable, and powerful solutions, and offer custom software to ensure we can solve any operational issue you may have 

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Operating in facilities with anywhere from just one loading spot to more than 200, we cater the operation of the solution to what best fits within your specs.

YardMaster Overview Videos

Our Services

Inventory and Car Status

Industrial Networks’ IN1600 Stationary AEI Reader automatically identifies railcars in sequence as they enter and exit a facility. Once inside the gate, the INT300 Mobile AEI Tablet allows users to assign the specific Yard, Track, and Spot, as well as indicate the current Car Status and L/E indicator. The YardMaster® Solution then wirelessly uploads this data into the customer’s database and provides a mapping utility showing a graphical display of your railyards with the most up-to-date information


The YardMaster® Solution automates the inspection process by allowing users to perform inspections in real-time on the INT300 Mobile AEI Tablet. This provides valuable time savings as well as real time visibility of the inspection results to administrative personnel. Additionally, automatic flags are activated and alerts are given prior to loading and unloading when railcars fail inspections. These inspections are stored permanently in the system and are easy to retrieve for print or email.

Loading & Offloading Rail cars

The YardMaster® Solution captures loading and offloading data points directly from the Industrial Networks AEI-scanning tablet such as Car ID, Spot, Product ID, etc., and assigns them to the correct railcar. Additionally, users can automate load and offload calculations to safely maximize the amount of product loaded.

Demurrage Documentation

As the IN1600 Stationary AEI Reader captures time-stamps of key arrival and release information, demurrage tariffs and storage contracts are stored in YardMaster® to ensure railroad and in-plant costs are accurate.

BOL Generation

The YardMaster® Solution collects real-time railcar weights from existing scales and uploads the data wirelessly using Industrial Networks’ Stationary Reader or Tablet. From there, the creation and transmission of EDI bills of lading are automated. Additionally, your ERP system is automatically updated for shipment confirmations, thus eliminating data entry and ensuring data integrity.

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Rail operator scanning the tag on a railcar between two sets of tracks.

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