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Aerial view of a rail yard at sunset.

The INet Difference

Industrial Networks Logo

As the premier provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for North American rail operations, Industrial Networks (INet) empowers rail shippers, Class I and short line railroads, as well as railcar repair and maintenance facilities with our unparalleled expertise.

Commencing in the early 1990s, Class I railroads adopted a passive Radio-Frequency Identification known as Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI), revolutionizing railcar tracking. During this era, each railcar in North America was outfitted with dual AEI tags. Recognizing the untapped potential of this technology, we teamed up with Bourque Logistics, a top rail transportation software provider for North American shippers, in 2005. This collaborative effort has propelled Industrial Networks to its current position as the top supplier of AEI solutions to shippers across North America.

There are many choices when it comes to taking control of your railyard and operations. What makes INet different? Here are a few of the top reasons we stand above the rest:

System Integration Experience 

We 15+ have years of experience with integrating different systems along with our industry-leading partner, Bourque Logistics.

Expertise in AEI Systems

We don't just specialize in AEI Technology, we blaze the trail for the rest of the industry. Our staff is active in various Rail and Logistics Organizations, including ASLRRA, North American Assoc. Of Rail Shippers (NARS), and the AAR's AEI committee.

Dedicated Support

We understand this industry is not your typical 8 am – 5 pm business, and have support technicians available 24x7 for any issue that may arise.

Varied Applications

Each railyard is operated differently. We have a suite of applications related to rail activities to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Seamless Integration

We have the ability to integrate our system with many other existing industry systems and strive to be as little of a disruption to your current workflow as possible.

Exceptional Training

We are committed to providing the best post-installation onboarding and training in the industry.

Custom Systems

Our systems and applications can be customized for any and every customer and site.

Consultative Services

Our highly-qualified solution engineers perform site consultations, system implementations, and assist with project planning, onsite training, and onboarding.

Diverse Customer Base

Our customers range from the smallest private shippers to the largest companies in the rail-shipping business, and all sizes in between. 

Railcar couplers between two railcars bound together.

Our Partners

The logo for our partner in our YardMaster rail shipper solution, Bourque Logistics.

Bourque Logistics, Inc. is a software developer and logistics provider. We partner with Bourque to offer comprehensive solutions to shippers’ transportation needs. Our close relationship gives us over 75 years of experience providing state-of-the-art rail automation.

The logo for our partner in transportation security seals, Allied Seals International.

We are partnered with Allied Seals International to provide a variety of security seals and locking devices to secure your shipments. Whether you require bolt, cable, or indicative seals, we have the best solution for your needs.

The logo for our partner in AEI tags and products like the E1150 Tag Verifier, Transcore.

TransCore is a pioneer in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative AEI technology. From AEI tags to mobile tag verifiers, Transcore is Industrial Network's partner in bringing customers the highest quality AEI products for various logistics operations.

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