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INetrail mobile 6

 Industrial Networks has unveiled its latest platform-independent software menu, catering to a diverse range of operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, and HoloLens. This forward-looking approach ensures seamless accessibility and usability across various devices. One of the standout features of this software iteration is its enhanced database connection capabilities, offering secure options such as ODBC, API, T-94, and FTP. In line with contemporary demands, user security has also been fortified to provide heightened protection for sensitive information and system integrity. The software's visual interface receives a notable upgrade with new icon designs that promote intuitive navigation and an aesthetically pleasing experience. Additionally, users can now personalize their interaction further through the introduction of new screen themes, adding a touch of individuality to their workflow environment. This comprehensive suite of updates underscores Industrial Networks' commitment to technological advancement and user-centric design.



Menu 6 Inspection.png
INetRail Mobile® Inspect

INetRail Mobile® Inspect allows users to complete all necessary activities required to inspect railcars and to send that information straight to the INetRail database. Instead of teaching your operators an entirely new inspection process, the Inspect application presents items for check and comment by using customer-provided inspection templates and replicating them in your Inspect app. If there’s anything wrong with the railcar that you need to know about, “Hot List” notifications will alert the user to any necessary repairs needed to pass the inspection. Once the user has signed off on the railcar, a permanent record of inspection is automatically created and uploaded to the INet Gateway. With no more lost inspection sheets or faulty cars being loaded, a paperless and more efficient operation is achievable.

INetRail Mobile® Direct Switch:

INetRail Mobile® Direct Switch allows switches to be recorded directly into track lists. Operators can pull up existing yards and tracks and place the corresponding railcar on a specific spot on a specific track, allowing for switches and car movements to be recorded quickly and easily. Direct Switch allows for painless, quick and organized switches, plus confirm changes reflect in the database in real-time.


INetRail Mobile® Photo:

INetRail Mobile® Photo allows users to take photos of railcars, products, damaged components, or whatever other operational photos they may need. To wit, these photos can be associated with a railcar, so that any information you may need regarding that car is in one place within the INet Gateway. Accessible straight from many other INetRail applications, Photo brings an extra layer of tracking railcars and product into any supply chain.

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INetRail Mobile® Switch List:

The INetRail Mobile® Switch List application allows users to manage switch requests efficiently. Switch List offers a clear list of existing switch requests, allowing users to easily navigate and find the information they need. Users also have the ability to perform various actions such as deleting requests, editing location details, and confirming switch requests. Additionally, users can attach and view notes or comments associated with specific switch requests, enhancing communication and documentation. Effortlessly view and confirm switches on-the-go with INetRail Mobile® Switch List. 

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