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AEI Tags

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As the premier provider of automation systems for the transportation industry, Industrial Networks specializes in Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems for railcar identification.


In order to operate an efficient fleet and improve productivity across all facets of your rail operations, we offer both programmed and non-programmed AEI tags, including all high-temp varieties.

Shifting to automation and optimizing processes through the collection of data is a core competitive differentiator in today’s technology-driven world. At INet, we provide a variety of on-the-go mobile solutions, which deliver reliable communication throughout your entire supply chain. With advanced communication options, modularity, and ruggedness, our AEI tags are a smart and strategic way to future-proof your technology and business.


INet’s mobile solutions encompass everything from a simple tag verification system to handheld readers used for equipment inspections, component tracking, and pinpointing railcar locations.

AEI Tag mounted to a railcar.
AEI Tags
Rail operator using an INT300 tablet to scan a security seal.

Security Seals


We also offer security seals and locking devices to secure your shipments through our preferred vendor, Allied Seals International. Many supply chains utilize seals to secure cargo and ensure that freight isn't tampered with on its way from Point A to Point B, and in turn, decrease the liability involved in some shipments. 


INet and Allied offer a wide variety of cable, bolt, and indicative seals with customization options for colors, barcodes, insignia, and more.


For more information on how seals can add a layer of security and liability protection to your operation or to put in a custom seals order today, contact your INet salesperson or send us a note at

IN-CIP 300

IN-CIP 300 Cellular Enclosure


The IN-CIP300 is a cellular enclosure, complete with a cellular modem, antenna, power supply, and breaker. It is capable of receiving ethernet traffic from up to 4 devices. This can bring 4 scales into one IP and send the data out over specified ports. Data can be received directly from scale via RJ45 or through a serial to ethernet adapter, USR-DR301. 

Diagram illustrating the functionality of the IN-CIP300
E1150 Mobile AEI Tag Verificaiton Reader

E1150 Mobile AEI Reader

The E1150 Mobile Tag Verification Reader offers a portable and cost-effective solution for decoding or verifying AEI tags. Users can immediately view tag data on the high contrast display.


The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it the ideal choice for railroad, ground management, transportation asset management, and field service.

This versatile reader works with most populations of AEI tags. Tag data can be transferred from the reader to a notebook computer, desktop PC, or Smartphone using a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection. The operation of the reader is quick and easy using the single control and audible signal tones. The E1150 Mobile Tag Verification Reader kit includes the handheld reader, USB data cable, battery charger, test tag, and host application software with Field Configuration Software.

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