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Software Applications

In today’s times of remote working, having an integrated, contactless solution to keep your operation going is key. Industrial Networks specializes in creating curated solutions to help rail operations get the most out of their yard or fleet by leveraging AAR-mandated AEI technology and taking your operation paperless-no more errors, no more handwriting, and lots more efficiency in how your logistics run from day-to-day.


YardMAster® Solution Applications

YardMaster® Mobile™ and Monitor™ Inventory
Clipboard with list items checked off.

YardMaster Mobile® Inventory allows rail operators to track which cars are in their yard, when they arrived/departed, and where exactly they are within the yard. With switch and storage locations accounted for, tracking the activities and stock in your plant has never been easier. The Inventory application allows the user to scan the AEI tag mounted to a railcar and update its location within the plant as well as set its status with fields such as Load and Hold, Bad Order, Heel, Clean, etc. Combat demurrage payments by setting alerts for certain cars, build inbound and outbound lists with just a few taps and gain powerful visibility over your facility. Additionally, YardMaster Monitor® Gate accurately verifies the arrival and departure of railcars by scanning tags as they pass by with your IN1500 Stationary AEI System.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Spotting

YardMaster Mobile® Spotting ensures you have the right railcar in the right spot, every time. Spotting allows the user to scan a railcar’s AEI tag, and associate the car with a specific spot within the facility. This way, you always have an eye on what stock is where and can avoid costly errors rippling through your supply chain. 

Arrow hitting the bullseye on a target.
YardMaster® Mobile™ Inspect
A magnifying glass.

YardMaster Mobile® Inspect allows users to complete all necessary activities required to inspect railcars and to send that information straight to the YardMaster database. Instead of teaching your operators an entirely new inspection process, the Inspect application presents items for check and comment by using customer-provided inspection templates and replicating them in your Inspect app. If there’s anything wrong with the railcar that you need to know about, “Hot List” notifications will alert the user to any necessary repairs needed to pass the inspection. Once the user has signed off on the railcar, a permanent record of inspection is automatically created and uploaded to YardMaster. With no more lost inspection sheets or faulty cars being loaded, a paperless and more efficient operation is achievable.

Load / Offload
YardMaster® Load and Offload

YardMaster Mobile® Load and Offload make getting products in and out of railcars quick and painless. From calculating volume corrections to ensure you are maximizing every load, to associating railcar IDs with products, meters, or samples, you can rest assured that the correct information is recorded for each load and offload. Additionally, YardMaster® Monitor™ verifies cars located coming into and out of loading areas, confirms switches on track spots, and can trigger the change of railcar status from empty to load or vice versa.

A product being either loaded or offloaded into its packaging.
YardMaster® Mobile™ Photo
An icon camera.

YardMaster Mobile® Photo utilizes the 8-megapixel camera on the INT300 tablet to allow users to take photos of railcars, products, damaged components, or whatever other operational photos they may need. To wit, these photos can be associated with a railcar visit record, so that any information you may need regarding a car or product is in one place within YardMaster. Accessible straight from many other YardMaster applications, Photo brings an extra layer of tracking railcars and products into any supply chain.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Seals

Many supply chain operators are familiar with security seals; they’re an integral part of many logistics operations and help ensure safety and liability requirements are satisfied in many instances. YardMaster Mobile® Seals allows for simple management and tracking of security seals in your operation. Collect, change, and update seal information, see information and alerts associated with the railcar the seal is attached to, assign seal types to individual seals, and more with this simple, yet powerful core YardMaster application. 

An icon padlock that is locked.
YardMaster® Mobile™ SOP
Three gear symbols connected by dotted lines.

SOP allows rail facilities to digitize their operation’s Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs.  Terminals can specify exactly how their existing SOP is executed or the forms used and information required at each stage and digitize it into an application that is easy to fill out and submit for operators. Each activity will have its own tab at the top, and it's easy to move around and switch between them. Once you have finished your SOP, all the information will be sent to your YardMaster database, so you can rest assured the correct data is recorded correctly. SOPs are fully customizable and can include rail activities in the order in which they are completed specifically to your facility. For example, some terminals utilize Load SOPs, which can include activities like calculating lightweight, completing pre- and post-load inspections, and loading the railcar itself.

YardMaster Mobile Track Switch allows users to scan one or many railcars, shuffle them into the correct order, and insert them into the correct position(s)in an already existing track of cars in YardMaster. Data logged with Track Switch synchronizes with YardMaster® to ensure that all users have the most up to date information. This solution allows users to quickly make adjustments on the fly and avoids having to log an entire track of railcars to correctly account for one or two changes.

Two horizontal, one-way arrows pointing in opposite directions.
YardMaster Mobile® Track Switch

YardMaster® Mobile™ Direct Switch

YardMaster® Mobile™ Direct Switch allows switches to be recorded directly into existing tracklists. Operators can scan an AEI Tag and place the corresponding railcar into a specific spot onto a specific track, allowing for switches and car movements to be recorded quickly and easily. Information and switches take place in real-time in the system, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t miss any movements within your facility.

A one-way arrow pointing to the right.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Confirm Switch is the easiest way to confirm switches made between different tracks in your yard. Confirm Switch allows users to view the most recent switch requests made in their YardMaster® system and confirm the changes to be reflected in the database.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Confirm Switch
An encircled check mark icon.
A weighing scale icon.

YardMaster® Mobile™ and Monitor™ Scale

YardMaster® Mobile™ and Monitor™ relay rail car weights of inbound and outbound cars to your facility by marrying the gross weight of a car with its car number and owner. The Scale application integrates with most existing static or weigh-in-motion scales, and be configured to show custom overload and/or underload alerts.

Tanker trucks parked outside of a plant awaiting to be loaded.

YardMaster® Truck

Utilizing truck transportation in your supply chain? YardMaster® Truck is a system used for automating data collections and increase the overall efficiency of your current trucking process. This program consists of unique applications working together to automate your operations.

Tank Car Truck Icon.

In addition to YardMaster Mobile® and Monitor® Check-In and Check-Out, which accurately records the time when a truck and/or trailer arrive and leave a facility, YardMaster Truck® utilizes standard core apps (Scale, Inspect, Seals, Load / Offload, and Photo) to synchronize your rail and truck operations.

YM Truck
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