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Two railcars joined together by couplers.

INetRail®Repair Shop Solution

Rail car repair shops deal with a lot of data - from tracking car inventory to inspection details and photos, to reprogramming AEI tags with new information. Up to this point, collecting and managing this critical information has been performed with pens, paper, and binders. But now, with the INT300 series tablet in conjunction with our intelligent software suite and industry-leading support and expertise, operations can automate and simplify these processes. 

INetRail's Repair Shop Solutions provide a way for you to take your operation paperless - by digitizing inspection and other rail car activities' forms, providing unmatched visibility of your inventory, and seamless upload to your existing database system or the INet Gateway.

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Program tags from the field

Program or re-program AEI Tags with just a few taps. Our tech utilizes OCR (optical character recognition) technology to scan car stencils and connects to the UMLER database to make appropriate changes there. No need for outdated tag programmers or late tag shipments.

Icon-style camera.

Photos on-the-go

The INT300 tablet and the Photo application allow users to take photos of rail car components, inspection details, and upload them directly to your system. Photos can be associated with inspections, specific cars, etc. 

Database centered around and connected to components such as cloud, computer, mobile, laptop, and tablet.

Data you can count on

We work to get you the most accurate data from your activities, and changes and uploads show up in your system in real-time. Additionally, the INet Gateway acts as a hub for your car data, photos, and more.

Mobile INspections made simple

We take the inspection forms that you already use and digitize them, with complete customization of line items and qualifiers, and the ability to associate photos to any line item.

INT300 Mobile AEI Tablet open to the Inspect Application.
AAR Manual of Standards and Reccomended Practices Specifications for Tank Cars.
Operator scanning a railcar marking with an INT300 mobile AEI tablet.

Read-write Teachnology

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