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Aerial view of long lines of trains between empty tracks.

INet Gateway

The INet Gateway is a new customer platform built in-house at Industrial Networks in Spring, TX. Gateway allows users to easily complete rail activities such as accessing and sorting live visit records, viewing and downloading car data and inspection photos, reviewing usage analytics for your operation, and more. 

A Comprehensive, Live View of Your Railyard.

The INet Gateway allows users to see updated changes based on AEI scans and manual moves from the different applications in Gateway. See railcar locations and move them around accordingly to achieve complete visibility of the yard by leveraging AEI technology. 

  • Multiple Map Views - new mapping software displays the specific yard from an aerial view, giving users a true representation of car locations

  • Switch Lists

  • Integration to Class I, Class II, and Class III Railroads

  • Color-coded based on criteria such as Car Status, Work Order, etc.

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A new Way to Consolidate Your Inspections.

Data sent from your AEI scanning devices show up live, as AEI scans are uploaded from the stationary and mobile readers, giving the most up-to-date visual of your operation.

  • Inspections - perform the same inspections on the INT300 AEI Tablet and upload immediately to the INet Gateway

  • Photos - Associate photos to inspection line items

  • Download/Print - All documents can be emailed to customers as a full car file or downloaded and saved locally (INet Gateway stores all data until requested to clear) 

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View and Sort Photos.

If you're utilizing the Photo on your INT300 Mobile AEI Tablet, uploading the photos to Gateway is seamless, and photos are automatically organized and associated with the correct railcar. 

  • Package multiple photos in an inspection and email to customers

  • Require photos before a railcar inspection can be completed

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REporting and Analytics.

View customizable dashboards and reports within your operation, giving users valuable information to maximize efficiencies and eliminate pain points.


  • Narrow down specific types of repairs and the correlating data

  • Receive daily "Days In Shop" notifications for railcars and repairs that may be behind schedule

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Security Seal Tracking.

Utilizing seals for security? INet Gateway allows you to track security seals via tablet barcode scan and eliminate manually typing in seal ID numbers.

  • Minimum required seal IDs attached to a car (configurable, optional)

  • Alerts for duplicate seals

Seals Mockup.png

Reprogram, Audit, and track your AEI + EOT Tags.

INet’s Scribe® Technology allows operators to program, audit, and track both AEI and EOT tags with just a few taps. Ditch the days of de-mounting or ordering new programmed tags and save time, money, and ensure compliance with the INet Scribe® Solution.

  • Confirm data accuracy via query to UMLER

  • Audit feature to track which user programmed which tag

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