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Operator scanning an AEI Tag using an INT300 tablet.


Mobile AEI Tablet

The INT300 mobile AEI tablet provides a portable option for leveraging railcar RFID tags and automating data collection activities.  The INet tablet series is dynamic in its portability, letting you take care of supply chain activities from wherever you are in or out of your facility. Recording car inventories, completing inspection and maintenance forms, taking photos, capturing load/offload information, and more can all be accomplished with a few taps and a scan of an AEI tag. 

The INT300’s rear camera gives users the ability to capture photos of railcars, components, security seals, or anything needing to be associated with that car. Uploading the photo(s) to existing databases or the INet Gateway database can be done via Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

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Rail operations on-the-go

Use case scenarios consistently prove the INT300 series tablet saves time, resources, and significantly reduces inaccuracies commonly found with manual processes. 

  • Program AEI Tags with just a few taps

  • Locate cars on tracks with ease

  • Complete pre and post-load inspections on a digital form

  • Security seal ID capture

  • Automated volume correction calculations for loading and offloading liquids

  • Recording information for bulk loading

  • Take photos to store along with rail car records

  • Upload information wirelessly via Wi-Fi or cellular line

Rail operations on-the-go
Operator using an INT300 tablet to reprogram an AEI tag.


Read-Write Functionality 

For years, programming AEI tags has been a costly, time-consuming practice that nonetheless is required per AAR regulations in order to keep railcar information up to date and keep North American lines moving safely. With the new INet Scribe tablet, re-programming tags have never been easier.  For the first time in the industry, the Scribe provides an option besides the large stationary machine+monitor setup.

In INet’s new patented technology, we’ve made this dream of operators everywhere a reality. Beyond completing data collection activities such as railcar inspections, inventory, photos, etc., the INT300 series allows you to reprogram mounted AEI tags from wherever you have a working Wi-Fi or cellular connection. By utilizing OCR (optical camera recognition) technology, the tablet’s camera reads the railcar stencil and communicates with the UMLER database in order to make the necessary changes on its record. In leveraging this powerful technology, railroads, repair shops, and manufacturers can eliminate the need to order programmed tags at higher prices or take the chance of mounting tags to wrong cars, saving both time and money and further automating existing activities into more efficient practices. 

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