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IN1500 Stationary AEI System on either side of railroad track.

Stationary AEI Systems

Industrial Networks Stationary AEI Systems are meant to be the gate to and from your supply chain, capturing everything that enters and exits with an AEI tag-reading antenna on either side of the track. With industrial, NEMA-class enclosures, uninterrupted power supplies, and functionality in all-weather environments, the system is not only powerful but rugged and reliable and can help you complete your daily rail operations.

IN1600 Stationary AEI System

The IN1600 Stationary AEI System is the latest in the line of INet’s state of the art railcar monitoring solutions. By capturing every railcar that enters and exits your facility through an AEI tag-reading antenna on either side of the track, your supply chain will have timely and accurate information. In addition, the newest iteration of our stationary system includes an LED light to show the system status at any given time, lower power consumption and battery backup availability, and our most cost-effective installation to date.


IN1510 Stationary AEI SYstem

The IN1510 Stationary AEI System is designed for unattended identification of AEI tagged traffic in all-weather environments. With applications in rail line and yard management, load bay identification, or weigh scale integration, the IN1510 automatically reads the mounted AEI tag with the highest accuracy and delivers this information to your database via LAN, Wireless LAN, or cellular connections. Designed for seamless integration into existing data processing environments, the IN1510 can be configured for a wide variety of reporting methods: YardMaster® ODBC database connectivity, custom flat file, and T94 data (S-9203A) reporting.

Scale Integration

The IN1600's scale integration relay rail car weights of inbound and outbound cars to your facility by marrying the gross weight of a car with its car number and owner. The Scale application integrates with most existing static or weigh-in-motion scales, and be configured to show custom overload and/or underload alerts.


Never Miss another railcar

Beyond acquiring the data, there’s the matter of ensuring that the right data is in your system at the end of each day. To ensure this, INet’s algorithms account for things like “jogging” a railcar in front of a reader by filtering out multiple reads, providing uninterrupted power to ensure that all car data is read, and integrating with wheel and switch sensors, ensuring that no car is missed in the process of scanning.

The IN1600 is the ultimate “drop-in, turn-on” solution for rail operators; with quick and easy deployment, low installation cost, and the ability to capture traffic unattended, the IN1600 is built to be the backbone of your rail logistics process. 

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