Railcar management system

Advanced Technology for Smarter Railyard Management

As the leading provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations in North America, Industrial Networks’ expertise touches rail shippers, short line and Class I railroads, trucking, marine freight, and more.

We collect raw, real-time data from Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems and translate it into intelligent, actionable insights for your yard management system. From predictive modeling and forecasting to increased visibility, you’ll be able to develop long-term strategies focused on efficacy, safety, and reliability.

Maintaining fluidity is a key component of running your operations efficiently. We’re disrupting the rail industry by delivering innovative logistic solutions to manage processes like tendering, scheduling, loading and unloading, inspection, quality control, and electronic communication.

Optimizing workflow can increase throughput of terminals and yards, strengthen employee safety, reduce car dwell times, and greatly improve productivity levels.

Industrial Networks’ software-centric solutions are custom-designed to monitor, control, and analyze vital facets of the rail infrastructure that help your business function at it’s optimum. We are ushering in a new era of intuitive and sustainable rail operations – one that increases revenue and provides invaluable cost savings.

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Smart, Scalable Yard Management Solutions

Through paper documentation and manual inputs, your company runs the risk of slowing, or even halting, operations due to a misclassified car or inaccurate inventory. The ramifications of human error can be devastating in an industrial environment. A tracking or inventory mistake can be crippling for operations and cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars to rectify. In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to hinder progression and forward movement.

Yard management system

At Industrial Networks, our scalable yard management system can seamlessly integrate with your company’s technology, allowing you to track railcars with precision, eliminate human error, and streamline labor-intensive processes.

Our customizable automation software takes away the stress of transitioning to a whole new procedure while eliminating the headache-inducing process of using multiple vendors for things like stock management and inventory tracking. We have everything you need to boost efficiency and take control of all aspects of your operations in one, simple-to-use platform.

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