The RAILTRAC® Monitor™ system accurately verifies the direction of railcars by scanning both AEI tags on the railcar as it passes. The system then transmits railcar locations using a railroad approved interface.

System Benefits:

  • Captures exact date and time stamp of units moving past the reader
  • Able to handle the back and forth motion of railcars as they are switched
  • Automates all processes and eliminates human error
  • Optimizes space utilization, and increases overall efficiency
  • Maximizes asset management
  • Reports real-time inventory levels; including switch and storage locations
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Ensures compliance with critical government regulations
  • Installs quickly and inexpensively
  • Provides remote access to troubleshoot issues for reduced down time
  • Configurable to allow multiple wireless communication options (cellular and 802.11b) in the same device

Download the RAILTRAC® Monitor™ brochure

The product used with this system is: