YardMaster® Truck Mobile is a system used for automating data collections and increase the overall efficiency of your current trucking process. This program consists of unique applications working together to automate your operations.

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Check In/Check Out:

  • Accurately records the time when a truck and trailer arrive and leave a facility.
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YardMaster® Truck Mobile Scale:

  • Captures accurate weights for both inbound and outbound shipments. 

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Inspection:

  • Performs inspections for truck and trailer for safelty and quality control. 

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Seals:

  • Captures accurate seals information for inbound and outbound product.

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Load:

  • Accurately loads the correct product in the corresponding trailer.

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Offload:

  • Accurately offloads the product in the specified location.

YardMaster® Truck Mobile Photo:

  • Captures pictures of truck and trailer for inspection, seal capture, etc. 

The products used for this system are: