YardMaster® Monitor™ is a system used to optimize your location and increase the overall efficiency of your current railyard process. This program consists of three unique applications working together to automate your operations.

YardMaster® Monitor™ Gate:

  • Accurately verifies the arrival and departure of railcars by scanning the AEI tag on the railcar as it passes.
  • Meticulously tracks the location of railcars in your facility.
  • Handles the back and forth motion of railcars as they are switched to your facility, the system transmits railcar locations via wireless link to Yardmaster®

YardMaster® Monitor™ Scale:

  • Integrates with static and motion weigh scales to collect accurate railcar weights.
  • Relays information to YardMaster® for billing and invoicing purposes.
  • Displays overload and underload alerts.

YardMaster® Monitor™ LoadBay:

  • Accurately verifies railcars located in the loading/unloading area by scanning the AEI tag on the railcar as it is being loaded or unloaded
  • Conforms switch on loading spot.
  • Triggers change of railcar status from empty to load or load to empty.

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The products used for this system is: