The YardMaster Mobile® system provides real-time wireless data transmission directly to your YardMaster® database for reporting and analysis.

The YardMaster Mobile®  system is comprised of five integral programs working together to simplify your rail yard management. These are:

YardMaster Mobile® Inventory

  • Accurately records railcar locations in the plant facility, saving significant time on yard inventory procedures
  • Sets and reports railcar status
  • Quickly obtains railcar locations by scanning the AEI tag

YardMaster Mobile® Spotting

  • Places a railcar on a loading track
  • Displays car status and arrival time for each railcar
  • Wirelessly uploads into YardMaster® database

YardMaster Mobile® Inspect

  • Performs inspections of loaded and empty rail equipment for safety and quality control
  • Records and maintains a permanent record of inspection by date, time and operator ID
  • Displays “hot list” notifications for areas of concern

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YardMaster Mobile® Load and Offload

  • Supports loading and offloading operations, including reporting railcar data for VCF, Load Bay, or Meter Load
  • Records loads and offloads by railcar ID, product ID, and lot number
  • Captures meter ID, batch number, sample number, tank ID, etc.

YardMaster Mobile® Photo

  • Simple, easy-to-use functionality - point and shoot
  • 8 MP camera with LED illumination
  • Ability to enter comments regarding each individual image taken and stored

YardMaster Mobile® Seals

  • Add or remove security seal to/from railcars
  • Can assign different seals to different compartments
  • Users can retrieve valuable railcar information, such as hot list and car status

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System Benefits:

  • Reduces billing discrepancies
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Maximizes asset management
  • Automates all processes and eliminates human error
  • Ensures compliance with critical government regulations
  • Optimizes space utilization and increases overall efficiency
  • Reports real-time inventory levels including switch and storage locations

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The products used for this system are: