YardMaster Journey® Truck™

YardMaster Journey® Truck™ is a system used for automating data collections and increase the overall efficiency of your current trucking process. This program consists of unique applications working together to automate your operations.

YardMaster Journey® Truck™ Vehicle Check Out Functionality

  • Loading meter volume capture
  • Supports blends and compartments
  • Scale integration for weight capture
  • BOL and customs and document generation
  • Signature pad integration for sign-off
  • Order and shipment modification
  • Completed shipment integration to Promise/SAP

Documentation Generation

  • Automatic email notification
  • TIF and PDF generation for document imaging
  • Customs US and Canadian, EDI transmission to brokers
  • Bill of Lading, short and long forms, weight conversion, HAZMAT, signature

Hardware Integration

  • Driver check-in at the gate, via wireless table
  • Scale integration for instant weight updates
  • PLC integration to automate the loading process
  • Automate inspections with wireless mobile computers or tablets
  • Signature capture capabilities on all devices
  • Barcode scanners for seals an COA information
  • Programmable, re-usable, RFID tags for truck and trailer location
  • Mobile printers available for instant load information, BOL, etc.

The products used for this system are: