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Whether you are shipping product by rail or truck, Industrial Networks has the shipping solution to fit your needs.

We partner with the leading provider of rail transportation software to shippers in North America, Bourque Logistics. Bourque Logistics offers the YardMaster® software that is tightly integrated with our mobile and stationary AEI scanners. This system provides in-plant logistical functions to improve your processes to expedite the turnaround of railcars and trucks within the facility and surrounding terminal and storage facilities. The system handles many functions, such as railcar switching, rack assignment, order assignment, vehicle inspection, and load/offload information. Cars can be marked for loading, storage, maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

We offer two systems for your rail operations: YardMaster Mobile® and YardMaster® Monitor™.

YardMaster Mobile®

Is made up of several integral applications working together to simplify your railyard management. These are:

  • YardMaster Mobile® Inventory
  • YardMaster Mobile® Inspect
  • YardMaster Mobile® Load/Offload
  • YardMaster Mobile® Seals
  • YardMaster Mobile® Spotting
  • YardMaster Mobile® Photo

YardMaster® Monitor™

Is comprised of three unique applications to help automate your railyard operations. These are:

  • YardMaster® Monitor Gate
  • YardMaster® Monitor Scale
  • YardMaster® Monitor Loadbay

YardMaster® Truck Mobile

Is made up of applications to automate your trucking operations. Various functionality of this product includes:

  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Check In/Check Out
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Inspection
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Scale
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Seals
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Load
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Offload
  • YardMaster® Truck Mobile Photo

YardMaster® Truck Monitor

Is made up of applications to automate various trucking operations with a stationary reader. Functionality of this product includes:

  • YardMaster® Truck Monitor Gate
  • YardMaster® Truck Monitor Scale

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