INetRail Stationary® Railroad Solution:

For centuries, railroads have been an instrumental part of the North American supply chain. With hundreds of thousands of miles of track, the freight rail network is considered the largest, safest, and most efficient of its kind worldwide and moves around 27% of America's freight, according to the US Department of Transportation.


Despite this, many railroads, whether Class I, Regional, or Short Line, still complete their logistics activities manually, by writing information down or double-entering it into their system. INetRail® Railroad Solutions aim to automate rail car activities and take your operation paperless. We know that keeping cars moving is key - and our solutions aim to give you higher visibility, quicker and more accurate car data, and wireless upload of said data to existing systems.

INetRail Stationary® Inventory:

  • Accurately verifies arrival and departure of railcars by scanning AEI tags on railcars as they pass
  • Meticulously tracks the location of cars
  • Handles back and forth motion of railcars as they are switched to your facility ("jogging")
  • Transmits car locations via a wireless link to your existing database

INetRail Stationary® Weigh Scale:

  • Integrates with static and motion weigh scales to collect accurate railcar weights
  • Relays information to existing database for billing and invoicing purposes
  • Displays overload and underload alerts

INetRail® PASS Inventory:

  • Automatically re-locate cars within yard
  • Flexible mount allows for use at multiple locations