For centuries, railroads have been an instrumental part of the North American supply chain. With hundreds of thousands of miles of track, the freight rail network is considered the largest, safest, and most efficient of its kind worldwide and moves around 27% of America's freight, according to the US Department of Transportation.

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Despite this, many railroads, whether Class I, Regional, or Short Line, still complete their logistics activities manually, by writing information down or double-entering it into their system. INetRail® Railroad Solutions aim to automate rail car activities and take your operation paperless. We know that keeping cars moving is key - and our solutions aim to give you higher visibility, quicker and more accurate car data, and wireless upload of said data to existing systems.

INetRail Mobile® Inventory:

  • Reports real-time railcar inventory levels, including switch and storage locations
  • Scans INet-supplied “Track Tags” to automate plant location on the tablet
  • Sets or reports railcar status, such as Load and Hold, Bad Order, Heel, Clean, etc.
  • Uses DualScan technology to scan two adjacent tracks simultaneously, saving time updating railyard inventory​

INetRail Mobile® Inspect:

  • Added features to generate inspection forms for printing, bundling photos into a PowerPoint, and exporting inspection forms and photos to a USB device
  • Presents inspection items for check, comment, and photo by using customer-provided inspection templates
  • Records inspection by Date/Time and Operator ID
  • Records select railcar profile items for safety and compliance
  • Creates a permanent record of the inspection
  • Automatically retrieves the proper inspection list based on Car Type, Customer ID, and Load/Empty designations

INetRail Mobile® Photo:

  • Stores photos of damaged railcar components
  • Displays Car Status, Load/Empty indicator, and location
  • Associates photo to the specific railcar or inspection
  • Accessible through a variety of existing INetRail Mobile® Applications

INetRail Mobile® Seals:

  • Displays Car Status and Arrival Time for each railcar
  • Gives users the ability to retrieve valuable railcar information, such as Hot List, Load or Empty, etc.
  • Ability to collect, change, and update seal information

INetRail Mobile® Scribe:

  • AEI Read / Write Functionality
  • Direct connection to UMLER database
  • OCR capabilities for railcar stencil data capture
  • Database to store all AEI tag programmed data for audit purposes

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