The INetRAIL® system accurately captures AEI tag data to report an accurate consist to any railroad management system.

The information collected from our reader system can be transmitted to multiple host computer systems. We only pass along “clean consists”; comprised of a train listing in standing order, where orientation of tagged equipment is provided, location of untagged equipment is provided, and car count is accurate.

System Benefits:

  • Complies with AREMA 11.5.1 Class C specifications
  • AAR compliant reports
  • Supports single and multiple track operations
  • Tag read buffering
  • Supports SeGo read/write transactions
  • Programmable frequency
  • Multiple connections for various track/railcar sensors
  • Local access via console port
  • Records “clean consist” train data
  • Programmable RF output power
  • Real-time clock captures exact date/time of units moving passsed the reader
  • Remote access via dial-up modem, cellular, and network IP connection
  • Supports multiple tenant sessions for reporting to multiple railroads
  • Able to handle the back and forth motion of railcars as they are switched by the system

The product used for this system is: