The Class I Railroads pioneered AEI technology in the early 90’s, paving the way for advanced automated data collection. Industrial Networks has multiple solutions to help the railroads take advantage of this existing technology. We offer flexible stationary reader solutions, as well as a variety of mobile systems to help meet the ever changing demands you may face.


Our INetRAIL system is a stationary reader that can report a clean, AAR approved, consist to any Class I’s internal tracking systems. INetRAIL is IP based, and can integrate with a variety of trackside sensors and signals. We have the ability to program different types of system health notifications, depending on your specific needs.

Mobile Solutions

Along with our INetRAIL system, we provide a variety of mobile solutions. Our mobile solutions range from a simple tag verification system, to a handheld for component tracking, railcar locations, and equipment inspections. We also offer a portable tablet capable of reading AEI tags.