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Railyard Automation Solutions

Our end-to-end solutions not only automate your operational activities and data flow to your system, but provide high-level remote support, extensive end-user training, and more.  

Are you a...
Aerial view of a rail yard with numerous railcars, tank cars, and hopper cars.

YardMaster®Rail Shipper Solution

Our original solution catered to rail shippers -- in conjunction with Bourque Logistics, we automate things like taking inventory of your yard and loading + offloading of bulk products. 

Close-up view of the bottom half of a railcar and its wheels.

InetRail®Repair Shop Solution

INetRail's Repair Shop Solutions provide a way for you to take your operation paperless - by digitizing inspection and other rail car activities' forms, providing unmatched visibility of your inventory, and seamless upload to your existing system.

Repair Shop
Locomotive at the foot of a snowy mountain approaching the camera.

INetrail®Railroad Solution

From car verification automation to reprogramming tags from the field, our railroad solution has brought proven results to short line and regional operations all the way up to our Class I partners alike.

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