To ensure every INet project runs smoothly and the equipment is used in the most effective manner, we design a detailed implementation plan with the individual site’s needs in mind.

Every project will be different, so we tailor our plans to fit the unique challenges you face every day.

Gate with solar2

Site Consultation:

Before any equipment is shipped, a system engineer will visit the site. We collect important site specific data during this trip, and make installation location recommendations. We gather process specific information regarding traffic flow, equipment inspections, loading or offloading processes, etc.


After the Site Consultation, our system engineers and software development department will work with the customer’s project leaders. We help determine any custom software which may be needed, work with IT to ensure our systems meet all of your security requirements, and work with your database provider to ensure the data is formatted correctly.

Site Commissioning:

After the system has been installed, a system engineer will return to the site to ensure everything is installed and working properly. We will tune antennas as needed, and verify the data is populating the database correctly.


After your site has been properly commissioned, the system engineer will spend as much time is needed onsite, training the users. We feel the more comfortable the users are with the system, the higher the return on your investment.