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Helping Teach Tablet

INet offers strategic solutions to help your operations run more efficiently.

We recognize that in order for our solution to bring you long term success, efficiency, and cost-savings, it’s important to implement things correctly and ensure your operation feels comfortable using INet hardware for their everyday tasks. In order to do this, we put together a process for onboarding each new site to ensure its success in the future. The Onboarding Process includes:

  • A “Project Kickoff” Call to introduce your INet project team and review goals, milestones, and discuss requirements for implementation of your solution
  • Commissioning of your devices – based on your existing processes, we’ll tailor your solution to fit what goes on in your yard or terminal and ensure you are able to install the hardware where it will be most effective. An INet Systems Engineer will come on site and “flip the switch,” taking your system live.
  • Various training documents, videos, and resources to ensure your end users are getting the most out of their hardware

Additionally, we realize that changes in the times require remote working options for many of our customers. To provide you with a safe, but complete implementation, we’re including a few new measures in onboarding:

  • A live link that lets Customers view and download pertinent documents online, such as Installation Instructions, Training Guides, and more. If we ever need a document from you, you can securely submit it here.
  • A physical “Onboarding Kit,” complete with hard copies of all of the aforementioned documents, a welcome letter our President and CEO, and INet-branded hand santizer and PPE masks to keep you safe and sanitized!
  • Training Videos to help your end users get to know their devices
  • Usage Report Cards to show you where your solution is helping your operation become more efficient, and where you may need additional training and resources
  • Ability to virtually shadow users and implement best practices in real-time, but from a safe distance