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The YardMaster® Mobile™ system provides real-time wireless data transmission directly to your YardMaster® database for reporting and analysis.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Inventory

  • Reports real-time railcar inventory levels, including switch and storage locations
  • Scans INet-supplied “Track Tags” to automate plant location entries on the tablet
  • Sets railcar status, such as Load and Hold, Bad Order, Heel, Clean, etc.
  • Uses DualScan technology to scan two adjacent tracks simultaneously, saving time updating railyard inventory

YardMaster® Mobile™ Spotting

  • Places a railcar at an individual spot on a loading rack
  • Displays Car Status and Arrival Time for each railcar

YardMaster® Mobile™ Inspect

  • Presents inspection items for check and comment by using customer-provided inspection templates
  • Records inspection by Date/Time and Operator ID
  • Displays Hot List notifications for any problem areas
  • Creates a permanent record of the inspection
  • Automatically retrieves the proper inspection list based on Car Type, Customer ID, and Load/Empty designations

YardMaster® Mobile™ Load and Offload

  • Supports loading and offloading operations, including reporting railcar data for VCF, Load Bay, or Meter Load
  • Records loads and offloads by railcar ID, product ID, and lot number
  • Captures meter ID, batch number, sample number, tank ID, etc.

YardMaster® Mobile™ Photo

  • Associates photo to railcar visit record
  • Stores photos of seals, products, damaged railcar components, etc.
  • Accessible through a variety of existing YardMaster® Mobile™ Applications

YardMaster® Mobile™ Seals

  • Displays Car Status and Arrival Time for each railcar
  • Gives users the ability to retrieve valuable railcar information, such as Hot List, Load or Empty, etc.
  • Has the ability to collect, change, and update seal information
  • Has the ability to assign seal types to individual seals

System Benefits:

  • Reduces billing discrepancies
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Maximizes asset management
  • Automates all processes and eliminates human error
  • Ensures compliance with critical government regulations
  • Optimizes space utilization and increases overall efficiency
  • Reports real-time inventory levels including switch and storage locations

The products used for this system are: