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IN1500 Stationary AEI System

The IN1500 Stationary AEI System is designed for unattended identification of AEI tagged traffic in all-weather environments. With applications in rail line and yard management, load bay identification, or weigh scale integration, the IN1500automatically reads the mounted AEI tag with the highest accuracy and delivers this information to your database via LAN, Wireless LAN, or cellular connections. Designed for seamless integration into existing data processing environments, the IN1500 can be configured for a wide variety of reporting methods: YardMaster®ODBC database connectivity, custom flat file, and T94 data (S-9203A) reporting.The IN1500 uses stationary AEI readers on both sides of the tracks to give the greatest read accuracy and provides additional data to sophisticated software algorithms which identify missing or incorrectly programmed AEI tags. In addition, it filters out multiple reads resulting from the “jogging” of a railcar in front of the reader. Enclosed and integrated into an industrial NEMA class enclosure, the IN1500 can be outfitted with a number of options to ensure the highest standard of reliability, including uninterrupted power supplies, wheel and switch sensors, expanded external I/O, and automatic monitoring and alarm generation.The IN1500 can be powered by solar or wind power for remote sites where provisioning of AC power is cost prohibitive. This true “drop in, turn on” solution providing quick and easy deployment with an absolute minimum of installation cost.


  • Connects via LAN, Wireless LAN, or cellular connections
  • YardMaster® ODBC database connectivity, custom flat file, and T94 data (S-9203A) reporting
  • Ability to remotely power cycle the entire system
  • Wheel and switch sensor integration available
  • Automatic monitoring and alarm generation
  • Configured to operate with solar power, when needed
  • Brief battery back-up for advanced troubleshooting

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