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Security Seals

We also offer security seals and locking devices to secure your shipments through our preferred vendor, Allied Seals International. Many supply chains utilize seals to secure cargo and ensure that freight isn't tampered with on its way from Point A to Point B, and in turn, decrease the liability involved in some shipments. INet and Allied offer a wide variety of cable, bolt, and indicative seals with customization options for colors, barcodes, insignia, and more. For more information on how seals can add a layer of security and liability protection to your operation or to put in a custom seals order today, contact your INet salesperson or send us a note at  

Allied Seals® FastGrip™:

Allied Seals’ FastGrip™ offers a full range of cable seals for every need. We have cable seals ranging from lightweight multi-purpose seals to heavyweight cable seals for C-TPAT and FAST compliant shipping. It can be laser engraved with customer name and a seven-digit serial numbering.



Allied Seals® Bolt Seals:

The TransBolt™ line of bolt seals gives you several choices of high-security bolt seals. Seals are not just about physical strength. As with our cable seals, no one offers more possibilities for customization. This includes choice of colors, printing names and logos, and even bar codes. For large orders we can mold names or logos into the pin, and even make special length or bent pins according to your specifications.

Bolt Seals



Allied Seals® Indicative Seals:

Allied Seals offers a large selection of indicative seals for economical sealing and identification all of which can be customized with choice of colors, printed names, and numbers. The G-Lock is a strong and durable flat adjustable seal, with a special feature to open it without the need of a tool (tear-off line). It is molded in polypropylene and available in three different lengths.



These container seals are used with the following systems:

YardMaster® Mobile™

YardMaster® Truck

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