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RFID Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tag

As the premier provider of automation systems for the transportation industry, Industrial Networks specializes in Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems for railcar identification. In order to operate an efficient fleet and improve production across all facets of your rail operations, we offer both programmed and non-programmed AEI tags, including all high-temp varieties.

Shifting to automation and optimizing processes through the collection of data is a core competitive differentiator in today’s technology-driven world. At INet, we provide a variety of on-the-go mobile solutions, which deliver reliable communication throughout your entire supply chain. With advanced communication options, modularity, and ruggedness, our AEI tags are a smart and strategic way to future-proof your technology and business. INet’s mobile solutions encompass everything from a simple tag verification system to handheld readers used for equipment inspections, component tracking, and pinpointing railcar locations.

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Rail operator using an INetRail PASS (INRP1000) at a railroad facility

A Strategic Investment with Guaranteed Returns

Equipped with robust functionality, INet’s AEI tags are revolutionizing the industry; streamlining processes like rail inspection, check-in, inventory, weighing, and check-out. The system provides a simple, inexpensive solution for vastly reducing costs and improving productivity. Readers are installed at strategic locations to capture tagged equipment passing by. This allows your company to collect real-time data on times, dates of transactions, serial numbers, and other areas programmed to capture information.

These systems provide a means for improving scheduling, maintaining accuracy of inventory, and ensuring timeliness of operations. In addition, AEI tags eliminate manual input and paperwork, which often leads to human error, costing companies thousands of dollars to rectify. Mistakes are not only financially draining, but they can cripple your company’s reputation

and take an emotional toll on your well-being. By automating tracking procedures, you can remove debilitating errors from the equation and reap the benefits of stock management, workflow efficiency, and increased employee productivity.

Accelerating information flow, enhancing visibility, and removing human error will ultimately produce hefty time and cost-savings. Simply put, INet makes tracking easy.

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