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INT300INetRail Mobile® Scribe Solution

The INetRail Mobile® Scribe Solution uses a combination of the new line of INet INT300 tablets, plus the INetRail Mobile® Scribe application software. The line of INT300 tablets is the latest advancement in INet’s AEI scanning mobile computer products. Unlike any other device in the market, this tablet has the capability of both reading and writing to an AEI tag. This ability, along with full Windows 10 operating system, 7” touch screen, 15-hour battery life, hi resolution camera, barcode scanning, GPS, WIFI and cellular communication, make it a powerful tool for any rail car repair shop, railroad or rail shipper. The INetRail Mobile® Scribe application software is the most accurate way to program AEI tags in the field in the entire industry. Through the use of OCR, and the ability to query UMLER, the user has access to the most accurate information possible. For enhanced accountability, and reference purposes, users can store who,when, and where an AEI tag was programmed in our INetRail Gateway database.

With recent mandates from the AAR on replacing old AEI tags and improving data accuracy of new tags, the INetRail Mobile® Scribe Solution is the perfect solution at the perfect time.

Solution Benefits:

  • AEI Read/Write Functionality
  • Direct Connection to UMLER Database
  • OCR Capabilities for railcar stencil data capture
  • Database to store all AEI tag programmed data for audit purposes
  • Industrial, rugged device
  • Waterproof IP68 rated
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Wifi and cellular communication
  • Three devices in one: AEI tag programmer, AEI tag verification system, and full Windows 10 computer

INT150 FrontINet Mobile AEI Reader - Tablet

The Mobile AEI Reader - Tablet is the go-anywhere solution for companies who need reliable mobile communication throughout their supply chain and want technology with advanced communication options, modularity, and ruggedness.

Gate2 resizedStationary AEI Readers

The IN1500 Stationary AEI System is designed for unattended identification of AEI tagged traffic in all-weather environments. With applications in rail line and yard management, load bay identification, or weigh scale integration, the IN1500 automatically reads the mounted AEI tag with the highest accuracy and delivers this information to your database via LAN, Wireless LAN, or cellular connections.


Drone without water cropINet Drone

In late 2015, INet applied for exemption to Section 333 of the FFA Reform Act in the railcar inspection and inventory market space and began testing...



E1150 Mobile Tag Verification Reader

The E1150 Mobile Tag Verification Reader offers a portable and cost effective solution for decoding or verifying AEI tags. Users can immediately view tag data on the high contrast display.



AEI Tags

Industrial Networks is the premier provider of automation systems for the transportation industry. To help you operate an efficient fleet and improve production in all of your rail operations, we offer programmed and non-programmed AEI tags, including all high-temp varieties.




We also offer security seals and locking devices to secure your shipments. Whether you require bolt, cable, or indicative seals, we have the best solution for your needs.


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INet Solutions

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INet Services

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