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Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks Commemorates 10 Years of Partnership


Offering a decade of Yard Management Solutions to Industrial Shippers

The Woodlands, Texas – 2015. Today, Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks (INet) are commemorating 10 years of partnership. Since 2005 Bourque Logistics has worked with Industrial Networks to provide The YardMaster® Solution™. Comprised of both software and hardware components, The YardMaster® Solution™, provides pivotal railcar and truck shipment management functionality to industrial shippers for control over field operations, reduction of errors, and overall productivity.

Bourque Logistics, the leader in transportation software for industrial shippers, provides YardMaster®,a robust railcar receiving and shipment management software. Features include railcar request and release, switching, onsite inventory, order assignment, scheduling and rack assignment, railcar inspection, and BOL submission. In addition, YardMaster® provides load/offload optimization by performing load bay verification, advanced outage, and volume correction calculations. Bourque’s YardMaster Journey® Truck™ software provides the same functionality for truck shipments.

Industrial Networks, the leading provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for shipping operations in North America, supplements the YardMaster® software with their YardMaster Mobile® and YardMaster® Monitor™ systems. These systems, deployed via fixed and portable AEI readers, will automate data collection in the field and are an extension of the Bourque Logistics’ YardMaster® software. The automaton of data collection is critical in alleviating manual data entry errors and expediting the turnaround of railcars within a facility. Additionally, INet provides custom scale and meter integration capabilities to further automate data collection during the load/unload process.

For truck shipping requirements, Bourque Logistics and INet collaborate to provide a complete solution via YardMaster Journey®  Truck™ shipping system. INet provides tablet systems and scale and gate integration to allow truck shippers the ability to easily operate in the field. Functions, such as automating data collection, capturing scale weights, and recording signatures all help to improve overall productivity.

“Together, Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks look forward to continuing to offer our customers a seamless, fully-integrated solution for shipping functions,” said Steve Bourque, president of Bourque Logistics. “It has been a pleasure working with the Industrial Networks’ team, as their contributions are instrumental to the overall success our clients’ experience with YardMaster® and YardMaster Journey® Truck™.”

“Our partnership with Bourque Logistics will continue to provide our clients with a seamless user experience as we continue our efforts to innovate,” said Jimmy Finster, president of Industrial Networks. “With the release of our state-of-the-art tablet device later this year, we are committed to providing YardMaster® and YardMaster Journey® Truck™ users with innovative hardware options and unmatched system capability.”

About Bourque Logistics
Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, Bourque Logistics has automated rail shipment processes for shippers since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, the leading rail fleet and shipment management software for rail shippers.

Bourque Logistics now provides a full suite of modules addressing multi-mode shipment operations for loading and shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking and tracing, freight rating and payment, fleet accounting, supply chain management, and custom reporting. Our EDI data services connects shippers with their suppliers, customers, and carriers. Bourque Logistics also provides professional service support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

For more information, visit or watch our company overview videos at

About Industrial Networks
Industrial Networks is the leading provider of railyard automation and data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations in North America. Our expertise touches operations run by rail shippers, short line and Class I railroads, trucking, marine freight, and more. Our close relationship with Bourque Logistics, the leading provider of rail transportation software to shippers in North America, gives us over 75 years of experience providing state-of-the-art rail automation. 

YardMaster® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.
YardMaster Journey® Truck is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc.
YardMaster Mobile® is a registered trademark of Bourque Data Systems Inc

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