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Close up image of rail tracks with a line of hopper and tank cars out of focus.

INetRail®RailRoad Solution

For centuries, railroads have been an instrumental part of the North American supply chain. With hundreds of thousands of miles of track, the freight rail network is considered the largest, safest, and most efficient of its kind worldwide and moves around 27% of America's freight, according to the US Department of Transportation.

But despite the numbers, North American railroads can still find efficiency gains by reducing manually written rail car data, then manually entering that data into logistics systems. INetRail® Railroad Solutions aim to automate rail car activities and take your operation paperless. We know that keeping cars moving is key - and our solutions aim to give you higher visibility, quicker and more accurate car data, and wireless upload of said data to existing systems.


Never lose track of a car

INet's wayside readers accurately capture every car that passes' AEI Tag data, accounting for every car, all the time.


Verify Traffic in real-time

Capture all AEI and EOT (end of train) Tag traffic in a certain location accurately, and see the data as soon as it's scanned.


Data you can count on

We work to provide the solution that minimizes manual efforts, creating the most accurate and efficient processes available. Additionally, the INet Gateway acts as a hub for your car data, photos, and more.


Set which track cars will be pushed or pulled from, execute the switch, and confirm cars directly from your INT300 series tablet immediately afterwards.


INetRail's SwitchMaster solution combines the IN1500 wayside system, the INT300 series tablet, our in-house software applications as well as the INet Gateway to make daily switching painless and efficient. Railroads and other switching operations can now confirm switches through the use of wayside AEI scans, without the cost of installing one on each track or physically walking the track with a mobile device.

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