INet Mobile Readers

The INet line of handheld readers is ideal for AEI applications requiring an extended read range, multitag sorting, and more. The handheld readers are designed for easy, comfortable AEI reading, yet are rugged enough to withstand harsh working environments.

Phone style (123) and 10-key (789) numeric keypads are available on all models and alpha keypads are available on select models. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack powers the AEI reader for an entire shift.


Accessories available for the INet line of handheld readers:



The IDOCK Charging System brings a whole new ease to mobile device docking and charging. Interchangeable bases and cups provide multiple options for data communications and/or charging. No longer do you need separate infrastructures for your various mobile computers, scanners, and printers. You can tailor the dock to meet your specific configuration needs: traditional (a single type of mobile device or battery); mixed (a mix of mobile device types and/or batteries); or transitional (a mix of current and future product choices).

Battery-front 150



The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack powers the AEI reader for an entire shift.






The IBATC2 Charging System gives you the ability to charge multiple batteries at the same time.



Regular-holster 150


Handheld Holster:

The Intermec open-face case, one d-ring, and stylus holder is the perfect accompaniment to hold your handheld and protect it while in the field. For ease of use, it has a 1 ½” heavy duty shoulder strap with one metal swivel clip and rubber shoulder pad. For operations run in cold weather, we offer a heated holster. It has a lithium rechargeable battery pack.



These products are used with the following systems: