Industrial Networks Launches Rail Automation Drone

Innovative Railyard Management

Spring, Texas – 2016. Since 2005, Industrial Networks (INet) has transformed the rail industry for shippers and provided tools to automate the complete process of rail and truck shipping. INet’s stationary and mobile Automated Equipment Identification (AEI) readers provide pivotal rail and truck shipment management for control over in-plant operations. This automation reduces the occurrence of errors and improves overall productivity for shippers across North America.


Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks Commemorates 10 Years of Partnership

Offering a decade of Yard Management Solutions to Industrial Shippers

The Woodlands, Texas – August 27, 2015. Today, Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks (INet) are commemorating 10 years of partnership. Since 2005 Bourque Logistics has worked with Industrial Networks to provide The YardMaster® Solution™. Comprised of both software and hardware components, The YardMaster® Solution™, provides pivotal railcar and truck shipment management functionality to industrial shippers for control over field operations, reduction of errors, and overall productivity.


Bourque Logistics and Industrial Networks to Provide CPC-1232 Tank Car Identification for Crude Shippers

To support upcoming US and Canadian Tank Car Safety Requirements for Crude Shipments

The Woodlands, Texas – 2014 Bourque Logistics, the leader in logistics software for industrial rail shippers, will help its clients identify newer and safer CPC-1232 tank cars for crude shipments. This important function will assist crude shippers and receivers to maintain safety compliance by utilization of tank cars which are manufactured to the higher safety CPC-1232 designation. Shippers using Bourque Logistics' YardMaster® and RAILTRAC® systems can now identify and select these compliant cars for shipping and monitoring tasks.