System Integration For Today's Challenges


Industrial Networks, Ltd. provides RFID, AEI, and barcode data acquisition systems for manufacturing and shipping operations. Our wireless networks allow our clients to economically deploy portable and stationary scanners that monitor inbound and outbound railcars, trucks, and barges. The integration of the scanners into the shipping/receiving process allows our clients to extend control over field operations, reduce errors, and improve overall productivity.

RFID, AEI and Barcode Hardware Solution

Industrial Networks utilizes the latest-generation hardware from dominant technology providers to implement the most modern technology platform for RFID, AEI, and barcode applications. Our network consists of portable and stationary scanning systems assembled using high-quality components from Intermec and TransCore. These devices are tied to your ERP system using a secure Cisco wireless network allowing our clients to extend control over shipping operations.

Software Solutions

Industrial Networks partners with Bourque Data Systems, Inc. to provide an integrated software solution to control shipping/receiving operations at manufacturing facilities. Over 100 facilities in North America use YardMaster® software to manage shipping tasks such as tendering, scheduling, loading/unloading, inspection, quality control, and electronic communication with their carriers. Applications are available for portable scanners, gate, weigh scale, and loading/offload requirements.

Industrial Networks' Services

Industrial Networks provides many services that help clients take advantage of our technology quickly and efficiently. Our consultants perform site-surveys, project planning, and system implementation. We provide post-installation support of our systems, as well as older, legacy AEI systems until they are upgraded to our latest technology.

Our INet-One™ program provides finance and support options so you can leverage the latest technology without a heavy capital investment.



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